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Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Busy/Too Bored

I am having trouble sleeping now that my impending escape from Afghanistan is drawing nearer. So here I am with nothing to do in my spare time. I caught myself watching an episode of Roswell. It made me a little too nostalgic so I stopped at the one. ahahahahahahah

I'm also realizing that I'm occupying too much of that time with Facebook chatting. My toes are getting pruney from the saliva of it's new home. I may even be training myself to have an even BIGGER mouth since I feel I might've put BOTH my feet in my mouth a few times.

Cest La'Vie. I have a BUNCH of new training I can do for personal skill sets I've always wanted, computer programming and foreign languages. Without my laptop though, I can't really plug the harddrive into anything. Balls.

Words of advice: Until we leave Afghanistan I SINCERELY suggest investing BIG money in hand sanitizer companies.

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