"If you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame."

Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is back from the beyond

So...it's been a while Blog. How are you? How my dedicated readers? I have to say, after such a long absence with such a short beginning I'm VERY happy that I have some followers. I would love to thank you all publicly, which I will do privately...later. ahahahahahahah Also, the FBI probably thinks this trail went cold. I'm sure they stopped looking here by now so it should be safe to post again.

My absence is in part due to the work load of my job and the mental load of forcing thoughts of going home out of my head in order to KEEP working for the month I have left. THAT and the military has INSISTED that people write blogs about their experiences in Afghanistan. This made me want to NOT write anything. A bit counter-productive but it seemed like the logical turn of events in my eyes.

I haven't seen all the gore that people fear during my time out here but that doesn't mean I haven't grown more of a backbone then I've ever had in my life. It might just be a magical power that a warzone has...like Harry Potter with body armor and a camo wand. I have no scary situations with which to regale an audience, nor do I have scars to show my grandchildren with pride. I have about a month to go but looking at the statistical probability I don't think I'm jinxing anything.

Though being out here has left a few scars on my mind, which is really what staggers me. I'm still the fun-loving and playful 'T' everyone knows and EVERYONE loves. ;) But now world at which I look upon when I look at people is slightly different than it was before. That blind admiration with which I held humanity has walked into a world of light. I have seen all of the dealings out here up close and in person. I look around at the intelligent people around me and they seem to notice the same surface gleans that I do, but when I ask about the deeper issues and possible solutions they seem to glaze over and walk away. Normally this would cause me to sidle up to myself and just think on my own. But now I seem to have a partner in this journey, a book titled Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life. If you have ever wondered why someone does something you should read it as well. I mean EVER! ...ever.

So, now armed with a relative understanding on the workings of social dilemmas and peoples interactions with each other, I now see this disarray from the aerial perspective of the 'Eureka' moment and giggle to myself at how amazing it really is. The BIGGEST issue I see is also the easiest to fix. Some have already laughed me off, saying that the problem is centuries old and nation-wide and could never be solved so simply, but I genuinely think the principles of 'Broken Window' Theory will save Afghanistan. The idea is painfully simple. If a block is left in a dilapidated state eventually more trash will arrive along with grafitti. If nothing is done about it then more and more dilapidation will lead to destruction of property. All of this in turn leads to a higher crime rate. Broken Window Theory works on the principle that if you take care of the minor problems (like broken windows) the problem will fix itself starting backwards. The same premise in keeping your house clean when you have guests. If you have a clean house people will ask where your rubbish bin is, if not then they just toss it somewhere.

The point is, I think this would help for starters anyway, the country has been in perpetual war for three decades. What people DON'T see is what it was like BEFORE. Seeing photos of the 1950's Afghanistan BAFFLED me compared to what I saw out my window. (right now my computer won't let me upload them but I'll try again later) Looking at photos of Anywhere, U.S.A. and Kabul, Afghanistan you might not be able to tell the difference in the 50's and 60's. Honestly, it is a little difficult.

I sincerely believe that if the world was given even a BRIEF (speaking on a cosmic sense of time) moment of global consciousness simultaneously we could turn it all around and make this world a better place. The largest hurdle we have is our own self-interest (the opportunity to cheat and advance ourselves above others) outweighing the natural need to cooperate as a human race.

Sometimes it's hard to cry through the smile (as meek as it may be), but when I know exactly what the world could be and see those tiny moments (that seem inconsequential to others but rip my soul apart) of ignorance and pettiness that prevent the light of good in all of us from growing....I force myself to smile harder because I know that someday we will all see the truth and embrace our shared destinies...even me. All I can do is help them passively in what I feel is the right direction as we all stumble through the dark. :)